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Oily Cleanser

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Does your skin feel oily and greasy most of the time? Do you face acne issues? Don't worry! We have the right solution - our powder cleanser which is formulated especially for oily and acne prone skin. It cleanses your skin effectively by removing dirt, oil and other impurities and also prevents acne.

Skin Type – Oily and acne prone

Quantity – 60 gms

Benefits – Being enriched with Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay and charcoal, this cleanser gets rid of dirt, extra oil and other impurities. It provides a calming effect on inflamed breakouts and helps in healing them faster. It also unclogs pores, removes dead skin cells and helps in cells regeneration.

Spirulina eliminates toxins from the skin and increases its metabolism.

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and it helps in healing acne inflammations. It promotes a healthy glow as it restores the skin’s natural moisture content.

Since they are finely milled, it wouldn't irritate any active acne. This can also be used as a face mask for deep cleansing and as spot treatment for acne.

Ingredients – Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Oats, Spirulina, Rose, Coco, Charcoal, Chamomile, Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Texture – Finely milled powder

Usage – Scoop out the face cleanser using a dry spoon and mix with rosewater or plain water. Leave the paste all over the face and gently scrub for a few minutes and wash it off. Tightly seal the pack after each use. Use it twice in a day for best results.

Disclaimer – Please do a patch test before using it.

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