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Detangler Neem Wood

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Regular use of Pure Neem Wooden Comb helps in maintaining a health scalp which in turn promotes hair growth. Natural neem wood fibers balance oil on your scalp. It will eliminate dandruff and reduce excess oil on the scalp.

Wide tooth hair comb detangles your hair without pulling or breaking them. You should avoid brushes or plastic combs to prevent your hair from damaging and opt for wood comb for hair growth.

Combing your hair with fine quality wooden comb prevents spilt-ends as the teeth of the comb nourishes every strand from root to tip! Neem Wood Comb evenly locks every stand of hair and protects hair's moisture and getting dried up.

Teeth of the wooden comb improves blood circulation. This rejuvenates your scalp and regular use of wooden comb keeps hair problems at bay, only neem comb hair growth!

Using wood comb on daily basis help you maintain smooth, shiny, bouncy and frizz free hair! Have a good hair day at all times and bye to tangled and dull hair forever and use comb for women hair styling!

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