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Under-Eye serum

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Eyes are the gateway of our souls.

Our millennial lifestyle includes hours spent in front of screens which in turn results in dark circles. Other lifestyle habits such as food, sleep pattern, stress, genes and other factors also play a significant role.
Investing in a good eye serum helps to combat this common skincare problem.

With our newly formulated under eye serum - a potent blend of herbal oils like Almond and germanium, it effectively reduces dark circles, puffy under eyes and leaves you rejuvenated.

Skin Type – Dark circles and dry under eyes

Quantity – 8 ml

Benefits – Coffee infused almond oil improves blood circulation and reduces puffiness around the eyes. It is also beneficial for dark circles, eye bags and swollen eyes. It rejuvenates and prevents early wrinkles around the eyes.

Tamanu oil which is also known as ‘Green Gold’ has been used for centuries to treat various skincare problems. Since it is rich in fatty acids, it keeps your under eyes moisturized and avoids dryness. It fights against damage from free radicals and keeps early wrinkles at bay.

Castor oil has a plethora of uses, one of them being effective for dark circles. Since it has Omega-3 fatty acids, it repairs discoloration of skin and keeps the under eyes area hydrated.

Ingredients – Coffee Infused Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Tamanu Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil Grapeseed Oil, Helichrysum Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

Texture – Light weight oil

Usage – Use our roll on applicator to apply the oil. Since the skin around eyes is delicate, always use your ring finger to massage the serum and avoid rubbing it harshly.

Disclaimer – Always do a patch test before using.

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