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Hair Care Kit

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Does your hair look dry and dull due to the chemicals in your shampoo?

Then it's time for you to switch to chemicals free shampoo. Sulphate free shampoos are formulated with gentle cleansing agents and do not strip the natural moisture of your hair. Our Wheat Protein Enriched Shampoo is free from SLS, Paraben and harsh chemicals. Formulated with rich natural ingredients, it results in strong, smooth and healthy hair.

Soya protein conditioner restores dry, damaged hair. The conditioner hydrates and tames frizzy hair, leaving it smooth and manageable throughout the day..

With soy protein, Pumpkin Seed Oil, and Rosemary extract, this nourishing formula is packed with natural ingredients that condition dry hair. Enjoy soft and moisturized hair without disturbing its natural pH balance.

Unable to manage your unruly and rough hair?

Take control of your hair by using our Nourishing Hair serum. With vital natural oils like Chamomile & Argan oil infused into this serum, after continuous usage you will see visible results in repairing hair damage and thereby makes your hair healthy and lustrous. Besides adding a shine to our hair, it also helps in detangling your hair and controlling frizz.

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