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Eyebrow Serum

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Gone are the days where thin and over-plucked brows were sought after. Thick, fuller and bushy eyebrows are the new trend. To have such fuller brows, all you have to do is include our eyebrow growth serum in your routine.

With potential ingredients like Lavender oil and castor oil, our eyebrow growth serum contains powerful anti-inflammatory effects and moisturizing agents, which helps you get the eyebrows of your dreams.


Type – For sparse and thin eye brows

Quantity – 8 ml

Benefits – Black Cumin seed oil which is also called as Kalonji oil contains an antioxidant called thymoquinone. It slows down the ageing process of skin cells and avoids eyebrow thinning. It also reduces eyebrow hair loss which is caused due to the inflammation of hair follicles. It kills viruses and fungus which cause eyebrow itchiness and irritation.

Castor oil which is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E promotes eyebrow hair growth and repairs damaged hair follicles. It improves blood circulation and results to less breakage and thinning of eyebrow hair.

Ingredients – Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Cumin Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Eo, Lavender Eo, Cedarwood Eo.

Texture – Light weight oil

Usage – Apply a thin coat of our eyebrow serum on your brows and leave it overnight. For best results, use it regularly every night.

Disclaimer – Please do a patch test before using it. Be careful not to get the serum into your eyes. Do not apply more than one coat as it may cause the oil to drip into your eyes.

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